Dolby ATMOS: New service offer coming 2020!

16 December 2019

It is with great enthusiasm that we are proud to announce Mels will be offering sound post production services in ATMOS starting in 2020! 

Our team is currently undergoing a major renovation process in order to transform one of our mixing studios into one that will allow the creation of an ATMOS mix. In addition to being the first service house in Quebec to offer Dolby ATMOS 9.1.4 certified services, this technological innovation will allow Mels to meet a more diversified range of demands both locally and internationally while meeting new criterias of digital broadcasting platforms such as Netflix.

The introduction of yet another certified product such as DOLBY ATMOS allows a delivery that is well aimed for the future and that positions a production for international attraction.

The design of a sound mix allowing an immersive and captivating experience focused on the spatialization of sound objects positioned outside the traditional audio channels.