Luc Boudrias

Sound Mixer
"What excites me? Sound. And also the active participation in the narrative and pleasure of creating jointly."
Luc Boudrias

For 32 years, Luc has been measuring notes, sounds, and words.

A musician by trade, he has rubbed shoulders with the greatest and mixed more than 400 films, documentaries, and TV series. “I first need to understand the intention of the director. Then, far beyond the technical aspect of my work, there is emotion.”

Luc likes to work within a team. “The important thing for me is the collaborative aspect, the complicity between creators that often goes beyond the work itself. It’s a unique human experience.”

La passion d’Augustine
La femme de mon frère
Upside Down
Félix et Meiro
Paul à Québec
The Professor
Piché: Entre ciel et terre
Sarah préfère la course
Chien de garde
L’affaire Dumont

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