Circulation of Deliverables and Quality Control

Quality control, duplication, and validation of DCPs for digital cinema;

Production and distribution of KDM keys;

Tracking services for distributors and exhibitors;

Creation and delivery of all existing formats and versions of digital deliverables (SD, HD, UHD, HDR, Dolby E, Dolby Vision,): encoding, standard conversion, metadata creation, watermarking, sub-versions titrated, generic, pan and scan, etc .;

Production of magnetic media elements (HDCAM, HDSR, etc.) for broadcast copies or for archiving;

Scanning magnetic elements from any type of media (1 inch, digital Betacam and SP, ¾, VHS, HD Cam, HDSR, etc.);

Automated control systems and expert checks to ensure audio-video signal compliance of deliverables or archived items;

Production of technical reports based on rigorous criteria to perfectly meet broadcasters’ requirements in accordance with ITU international quality standards.

Virtual Vault | Digital Archiving

Digital hosting thanks to an automated and secure archiving system. A system connected to our quality control department to validate the compliance of source files according to industry standards.

“Melody” is an exclusive, user-friendly, and dedicated platform that allows access to hosted content at all times. Its mission? To facilitate the orders and simplify the process of follow-up (status of orders adjusted in real time of production, follow-up of the delivery and invoicing, history of the projects, etc.). Melody serves as your 24/7 assistant, wherever you are in the world, and saves you time.


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