Localization is the art of adapting content so that it resonates with a new audience, a new culture, a new place. To localize is to globalize. Our team offers a complete service that will meet all your needs.


MELS offers a require service that handles all aspects of dubbing from translation and talent management to subtitling and delivery. Whether you require synchronized dubbing or voice overlay dubbing, all of the work is done by our team on our premises.

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Translation and Subtitling

MELS provides translation and subtitle services in English and French in accordance with the highest linguistic standards. Subtitling of other languages is available on a case-by-case basis.

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Closed Captioning

MELS offers closed-captioning service in both English and French. Our files meet the strictest quality standards for all platforms.

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Audio Description

Constantly striving to meet the latest standards for localization, MELS offers a complete described-video service, including talent management, recording, mixing and delivery.

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