Our permanent virtual production stage offers unique creative opportunities and frees you from traditional production constraints. 

Virtual production uses digital sets generated by a real-time engine, captured directly by the camera from a realistic perspective. In virtual production, visual effects are incorporated in the production stages, which speeds up the postproduction afterward, especially as regards lighting effects.

Our team’s outstanding expertise is well recognized in the film industry. We have on location an area for building sets, a paint shop and office space available for rent.


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Technical specifications

  • Our permanent virtual production stage in housed in a 10,000 sq. ft. studio
  • Concave LED wall configuration with a 65 feet diameter (95 ft linear)
  • LED wall hight : 20 feet
  • Pixel pitch of 2,8mm (ROE BP2V2)
  • Ceiling is fully motorized and computerized
  • Ceiling has two 20 x 20 modules, pixel pitch of 5,7mm (ROE CB5)
  • Two 10 x 10 side panels, pixel pitch of 2,8mm (ROE BP2V2)

Brain Bar: Our expertise

  • Overall system integration and customization
  • Tracking specialists: Responsible for the integrity of the virtual camera in the volume.
  • Unreal Engine operator: Engine expert, bridging between the tech-artists and the volume.
  • Disguise artist operator: AR, XR, specialist that integrates flawlessly with our VP production
  • Camera and optical services: Our bridge between physical and digital.
  • Producer: Our go-to…for anything logistics & production related.
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Brain Bar Tech

  • Brompton 4K Processor
  • Disguise
  • Unreal Engine 5.3
  • 3D rendering servers
  • GPU RTX A6000
  • 100 Gbps fibre-optic network
  • Display technology - 10 bit 4:4:4 non-compressed
Prod virtuel brain bar


Using two leading tracking systems (NCAM and OptiTrack), our ability to locate the camera in 3D lets us combine physical objects with digital objects while also collecting lens focus, iris and zoom (FIZ) information. The systems are fully compatible with Disguise and Unreal Engine for real-time AR and XR.

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