Image and laboratory


We are one of the last professional labs in America to offer silver-based processing services for cinema. You can count on our team of dedicated, qualified and passionate professionals as well as on our technical installations accredited by Kodak.

  • We are the exclusive distributor for Kodak’s cinematographic product in Quebec. For your film orders: calling (514) 390-3294 or [email protected]. To order Kodak’s products, please refer to this catalogue.
  • Developing colour negative in 16 and 35mm (normal, push, pull);
  • Production of audio-optic negative in 35mm stereo, Dolby Digital and DTS;
  • Telecine HD services, and scan for formats 16 mm and 35 mm (rushes, sync and numerical finish)
  • Inspection and control of film quality (repair, cleaning, etc)


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