MELS Funds

Feature-length fiction films and documentaries


Here are the selected projects:

Writer/Director: Olivier Higgins, Mélanie Carrier
Production: Mö Films
This feature-length documentary explores the daily life of a young Rohingya refugee living in Kutupalong, the world’s largest refugee camp. It’s a place that seems beyond space and time, filled with the living ghosts of a population in exile. Is existence still possible for them?

Writer: Caroline Côté
Directors: Florence Pelletier, Caroline Côté
Production: Les Films Denali Inc. (Samuel Trudelle, Florence Pelletier, Caroline Côté)
This 75-minute documentary feature follows five Quebec women as they take on the formidable challenge of completing a 20-day expedition in the province’s northern territories. They’ll be taken way out of their comfort zones as they cross Kuururjuaq Park from east to west on their own, as a tribute to the Native Peoples who have been making this journey for thousands of years.

Writer/Director: Annick Blanc
Production: 9244-0241 Québec inc. (Midi La Nuit) (Annick Blanc, Maria Gracia Turgeon)
In a remote hunting lodge, mysterious runaway Cynthia causes turmoil among a group of hunters celebrating a bachelor party. After she deftly manages to earn the group’s acceptance, a hunting accident confronts the men to the dilemma of endangering their comfort out of altruism. Only Cynthia seems ready to do the right thing, but she lets herself be seduced by the group for a bit too long. Comedy, horror, mystery and sensuality come together in a unique environment.

Writer/Director: Denis Boivin
Production: Productions Dionysos inc.
Marie Guyart, a.k.a. Saint Marie of the Incarnation, returns to help the last Ursuline nuns vacate her convent, built in 1642. During these modern-day encounters, Marie relives her milestones, and with hindsight, she defends the First Nations and reflects on the problems she faced – some of which persist to this day.

Writer/Director: Henry Bernadet
Production: COOP Vidéo de Montréal (Jean-Martin Gagnon, Vuk Stojanovic)
This production shares one summer in the lives of teenagers from Montreal’s St-Michel neighbourhood. Confronted with the fragility of relationships, they discuss and experience friendship, love, betrayal, ambition and disillusionment. The movie is propelled by a new, diverse and inclusive generation of Quebec talent, focusing not only on immigration, but primarily on the daily realities of these youngsters. The project is part of a creative collaboration with young non-actors from George-Vanier High School in Montreal.

Writers: Réginald Vollant, Carlos Ferrand, Joséphine Bacon
Directors: Carlos Ferrand, Joséphine Bacon
Production: 9104-0998 Québec inc. (Josée Rock, Ian Boyd)
The history of the huge northern territory called Nitassinan – of which the Innu are both inhabitants and custodians – is closely intertwined with the history of the Innu Nation itself. This story of resilience and determination follows the long journey of these native peoples, their migrations between shorelines and forests, their nomadic and sedentary existence, their ancestral values vs. white culture, and their language in cohabitation with French. It’s an inspiring tale that blends archival images with cutting-edge technology, to propel a Nation’s past into the future.

Writer/Director: Simon Lavoie
Production: 9402-6937 Québec inc.
In a not-too-distant future, an ageless woman called N journeys across the railway by handcar. A smuggler and a woman of few words who’s been scarred by life, N guide a pious young woman and her child across the border, not knowing that their destinies are intrinsically linked to each other, and to this inhospitable land where elusive danger looms large.


Fonds MELS supports Quebec producers and directors who need to round out financing for the production and/or postproduction phase of a feature-length fiction or documentary project.

Fonds MELS’ total envelope in its first year is $1 million.


  • The total production budget may not exceed $1.5 million;
  • The production must have a contract with a distributor or broadcaster guaranteeing commercial distribution;
  • At least 50% of the financing must come from Quebec (not counting MELS’ contribution);
  • Producer(s) and director(s) must be permanent residents of Quebec;
  • The feature-length fiction film or documentary must be at least 60 minutes long;
  • The production must have the support of one of the following institutions:
    • Telefilm Canada
    • SODEC
    • Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ)
    • Canada Council for the Arts
    • Quebecor Fund
    • Harold Greenberg Fund
  • MELS’ contribution will complete the production’s financing, secure its feasibility and ensure that it comes to fruition.


  • MELS’ support is provided in the form of in-kind contributions:
    • Equipment rental
    • Sound and picture postproduction
    • Visual effects
  • Any of the above-listed services not included in MELS’ contribution must also be obtained from MELS;
  • MELS’ contribution must not exceed 20% of the production budget;
  • Required documents (see full list below) must be sent by email to;
  • Documents and applications must be submitted by June 1, 2019;
  • MELS will be credited as a financial partner in the project;
  • A full-screen MELS logo will be added at the beginning of the film and in the closing credits.


1 Project description and type
  • Synopsis
  • Type of production: feature-length fiction film or documentary
2 Budget structure
  • Complete production budget, including postproduction.

  • The amount of the requested contribution for equipment rental, postproduction and visual effects must be clearly indicated.

  • The budget must also list costs incurred and paid to date.

3 Distribution or broadcasting contract

Letter confirming an agreement with a distributor or broadcaster including an undertaking to distribute or broadcast the film upon release.

The following information must be included in the document:

  • Distributor’s or broadcaster’s full contact information
  • Signing date and period of contract
  • Planned film release date
  • Distribution details (TV broadcast, festivals, theatrical…)
4 Details of all confirmed financing agreements

Letter from one of the following institutions:

  • Telefilm Canada
  • CALQ
  • Canada Council for the Arts
  • Quebecor Fund
  • Harold Greenberg Fund

The document must include funding conditions and amount.

* Breakdown must appear in the submitted financial structure.

5 Nature of requested services

Details of required services provided by MELS.

  • Equipment rental
  • Postproduction
  • Visual effects
6 Timeline

Calendar showing all stages of production and postproduction.