Pierre-Luc Lévesque

Motion design – Advertising, TV, film
“I sift carefully through the brief for each new film or TV project for a word that resonates, that will give me a handle on the idea behind the project, its spirit, its personality.”
Pierre-Luc Lévesque

The idea behind the project? Yes, for Pierre-Luc painting and drawing have always been a way to convert ideas into images. With motion design, he puts those ideas into motion. “I make design come to life!”

To find a project’s DNA, he begins with the storyline. But how do you translate the plot into graphics with the right look, the right typography, the right colour palette?

Though he works with the latest in cutting-edge technology, he still feels the pull to revisit the basics. For example, calligraphy has opened up a world of possibilities for Pierre-Luc, providing fresh inspiration for creative and original logos for films and series.

“The time I spend writing out a word is time I use to find its unique meaning and visual identity, which I can then animate. You have to be open to all art forms.”