IP transmission on the public Internet

REMI package

Our remote production (REMI) solution lets you rationalize your production costs for live events and support production flows that are fully distributed through the available IP infrastructure. With this system, you get perfect multichannel synchronization with your centralized production studio.

Our system perfectly synchronizes the video flows live from the venue and sends them to your studio for a live genlock production that is precise to the image. With a single rack unit encoder on site and a rack unit decoder in the remote studio, you can connect up to 8 live video flows and send up to six live full-HD transmissions as well as two high-quality video return flows.

We offer secure live RPS transmission on IP. HEVC/H.265 optimizes use of data and management of channel priorities, letting you choose which image receives priority in case of a drop in capacity. Latency is less than 1 second, and even as little as 0.5 seconds on the public Internet. Our system lets you broadcast up to 12 outbound channels and 4 HD/SDI return channels.

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